Unitas is a client focused consultancy and application development company that creates smart software applications to allow businesses to connect their people, automate processes, measure results, manage workflows and comply with internal and external standards. Over 3000 users use our applications daily.

Unitas has been creating innovative IT solutions for the Poultry industry since 1995 and in that time has developed full supply chain systems to cover all aspects of the business. Working closely with world leading companies in the Poultry industry, the Unitas team designed and developed Unitas Poultry Manager (v1.0), a dedicated solution for the poultry sector in 2009.

Unitas Poultry Manager takes poultry software to the next level by providing a unique cloud based solution. This allows everyone in the Agri supply chain to be connected from vets, farms and hatchery, right through to factory kill planning. It’s a cliché but “what gets measured gets done” and Poultry Manager now lets everyone measure and view results easily.

Since 2009, the Unitas team have been expanding the modules available within Poultry Manager which now include medical, feed, planning and full compliance modules. We continue to invest in R&D, providing new functionality to increase efficiencies for our clients to give them a competitive advantage through our leading cloud platform.

The Unitas team delivers solutions directly with our clients, building up relationships to provide added value and trust to achieve better results. Quite honestly, we find it fun and rewarding working with people in the industry to understand how best to utilise the solution for their business. This client focus ethos has been with the company since we started and will remain the cornerstone of Unitas as we move forward.

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