Poultry Accounts Software

Unitas Poultry Manager provides an accountancy tool giving full visibility and traceability of all financial transactions relating to a crop of birds.

Farm & Crop Accounts

Bird placements, farm transactions, bonus, penalties and kill transactions are held to automatically calculate the final crop account statement for the farmer. The system allows multiple crops to be held against one farm.

Bonus/Penalty Calculator

This rules based facility gives you the ability to calculate and issue a performance based monetary bonus or penalty system against processed crops. *Advanced module.

EDI Feed/Gas Capture

Transactions from external suppliers are updated automatically to farms and supplier creditor account. Feed left can easily be transferred to a new crop or farm and all associated costs apportioned.

Performance Calculator

All financial performance indicators are calculated automatically and visibility is given to everyone requiring access to farm financial performance (including the farm).

Integrated Sales & Purchase ledgers

Unitas Poultry Manager is available fully integrated with purchase and sales ledgers to allow farms to be issued with invoices and suppliers to be managed through one integrated application.

TAX Analysis

VAT analysis tools are integrated for the processor and tax invoices are generated for farms to claim against.

Financial Performance Statements

Full crop account statements are electronically published, showing financial values against day olds, feed, deductions, additions and kill.

Supplier, Product, Farms Analysis

The analysis tools provide details of sales and purchases at farm level and produce long or short-term trend results helping you to detect and take action over a range of crop performance issues.