Poultry Compliance Software

Unitas Poultry Manager allows for internal, regulatory and customer compliance to be controlled centrally. Connect, automate, measure, manage and comply in one solution.

Online Forms

Create online forms to comply with audit requirements, biosecurity and flock management. For example, create a house preparation check list and require this form to be completed before the crop is placed.

Automatic Scheduling

Tasks can be scheduled by bird age or calendar date - ideal for stock checking, weekly tasks or specifying vaccination programs. Build your own workflow, for example when generators should be tested and when repairs sheets have to be submitted.

Standard Operating Procedures

Using scheduled forms, standard operating procedures can be controlled and monitored centrally. To conform with legal requirements all standard operation documents can be published in the online library and confirmation of documents read controlled centrally.

Retailer standards

Many major food retailers operate their own independent technical standards for food safety within their supply base. Unitas Poultry Manager provides a streamlined way to comply with retailer standards and audits as it provides visibility and transparency of information required in a cost effective and timely manner.

Remote Management

Field managers can remotely set processes, schedule tasks and monitor crop performance. There is no need to fax, email, or telephone paper work or bird performance values as everyone is connected to a centralised solution.

Exception Management

Exception reporting provides the facility to monitor bird health on a daily basis against standards. Warnings and out of tolerance values are emailed to field staff allowing them to take immediate corrective action.