Poultry Feed Software

Unitas Poultry Manager provides instant feed scheduling, allowing for short and long term planning, reducing lorry loads and optimising the feed mill schedule.

Feed Scheduling

Unitas Poultry Manager optimises the feed deliveries based on diet plan, number of birds and bin capacity available for the entire crop. This leads to costs savings in planning, transport, admin time and scheduling for the feed mill.

Feed Capture

Farms can easily capture daily feed intake. Feed costing can be updated electronically without the need for re-keying. Transferring feed from one crop to the next is seamless.

Feed Costing

Feed costing lets farm and technical staff see FCR results and performance farm by farm. Feed costing also takes into account haulage and additional charges such as wormer and medicine automatically.

Feed Analysis

Feed standards are used to highlight how much feed should be given on a daily basis. This is then plotted graphically for field staff and farm managers. Bird weight graphs and feed graphs are shown against standard results to highlight any issues. Long term performance and crop performance is measured, making benchmarking across farms simple.

Feed Traceability

All feed transactions are captured in one place showing farm, crop, supplier, cost and quantity used. This information is then available for instant analysis.