Hatchery Software

Unitas Poultry Manager Hatchery module offers forecasting and planning for day olds. Egg flow forecasting based on seasonal variations, today’s results, age of bird, mortality rates and breed.

Laying Farm Egg Analysis

Graphical tools allow for the Hatchery to plot and predict daily egg production direct from farm and farmers. Farmers also get access to hatchability information, allowing both sides to understand and drive performance.

Egg Flow Overview

A fully drillable egg flow monitoring and prediction tool is built into Unitas Poultry Manager, giving actual hen production data across all farms on a single screen. This gives immediate visibility of percentage variation in standard and actual results. Using actual results leads to more accurate forecasting of how the production eggs will continue to perform.

Farm Egg Flow

Quickly highlight an issue using Unitas Poultry Manager overview tools and immediately drill to individual farm level to monitor egg production and hatchability each week, or day. Drill further and see egg weights, age of birds, floor eggs, cumulative hen production, feed and environmental conditions of house.

Estimated Chicks

Using actual and predicted hen production results, Unitas Poultry Manager automatically monitors farm performance, age of bird and breed to estimate chicks. Forecasting is instantly available for next week, next month, next year. It also takes into account birds not yet placed on farms, allowing you to estimate chicks well into the future.

Broiler Programme

Broiler programmes are linked to egg flow production and hatchability, allowing you to forecast any shortages that may occur and take the necessary action well before it happens. Broiler programmes highlight shortages, showing how many chicks are being purchased and from who.

Egg Intake, Set, Test, Hatch, Despatch

A full workflow tool is available to manage the process from egg intake to egg setting *beta