Poultry Medical Software

Unitas Poultry Manager manages animal welfare and quality of husbandry via tighter control of stocking density, mortalities, vaccinations, medicine and water usage.

Medical Capture

Farm, technical staff, vets and admin staff are assigned appropriate privileges to capture vaccination and medical information on the farm, or in the enterprise.

Medical Analysis

Disease, medication and vaccination can be measured this year, last year, this month, last month. Using these tools you can monitor impact on performance such as FCR.

Medical traceability

Flocks can be traced that have had a particular disease, medication or vaccination from grandparent through to broiler.

Medical Costing

All medical transactions are captured and costs assigned. A full product catalogue is available to create appropriate medication and costs.

Ante Mortem Reporting

Full ante mortem reporting shows mortality rates, medication and vaccination for a particular flock.

Stocking Density

Stocking density can be forecast based on breed type from placement planning right through to actual growth performance.

Animal Welfare KPIs

Technical field staff and farmers can instantly compare actual daily production results against standards. Graphs showing standards for bird weights, water consumption, feed, mortality etc., plot actual results against standards. Exception reports (high mortalities, stocking density etc) allow field staff or farmers to spot any potential issue quickly.