Overview - Poultry Software

​Unitas Poultry Manager provides the software tools for planning, forecasting, measuring, setting and analysing performance at all crucial stages in the supply chain.


Unitas Poultry Manager gives instant visibility across all farms for improved decision making. Giving growers a better view of their ‘produce’ enables them to benchmark not only against standards but also other growers.


Unitas Poultry Manager offers forecasting and planning for day olds and egg flow forecasting based on seasonal variations, today’s results, age of bird, mortality rates and breed.


Greater visibility of crop activity combined with enhanced predictability helps the factory production planner reduce “give away” and potential factory shortages.


Unitas Poultry Manager helps with animal welfare and quality of husbandry via tighter control of stocking density, mortalities, vaccinations, medicine and water usage.


Unitas Poultry Manager provides instant feed scheduling allowing for short and long term planning, reducing lorry loads and optimising the feed mill schedule.


Unitas Poultry Manager facilitates forecasting and planning for broiler, breeders, hatchery and factory.


Unitas Poultry Manager comes with a full set of productivity tools to aid communication between individual points, from online libraries and messaging, to scheduling of tasks centrally.


Unitas Poultry Manager gives full visibility and traceability of all financial transactions relating to a crop of birds. Bird placements, farm transactions, bonuses, penalties, and kill transactions are held within one solution, enabling automatic calculation of the final Crop Statement.


Unitas Poultry Manager allows for internal, regulatory and customer compliance to be controlled centrally. Connect, automate, measure, manage and comply with one solution.