Unitas Poultry Manager provides an audited messaging system & library allowing farmers, agriculture and planning staff to communicate through one integrated solution.

Notice board

A notice board facility is used to highlight important information directly to contracted and company owned farms.


The messaging tool allows seamless communication to individuals or groups of farms, saving time and money.


The Online library is used to store all documents. These can include standard operating procedures such as broiler breeder manuals or HR policy documents, avoiding the need to email or post new or updated documents.

Task management

Information regarding when tasks are to be completed can be set using colour coding to depict task importance or area.

User Admin

Unitas Poultry Manager has its own admin facility, which allows for control of exactly what everyone views.Users can be assigned to one, or multiple farms, different messaging groups and permission levels.

Online ordering

Online ordering of goods from store or external suppliers is facilitated through rapid order entry forms making the process of getting the right supplies quick and easy.