" A customer service ethos has been with the company since we started and will remain the cornerstone of Unitas as we move forward ", Christopher McCoubrey, Owner & CEO

I am obsessed. I can’t imagine doing my job without Poultry Manager. Poultry manager empowers my team and I to continue pushing efficiencies and catch health issues early. Not to mention the historical flock comparisons that helps me compare how our different breeds and systems do financially. It’s amazing what you can do with your production data all in one spot and complex reports available at the click of a mouse!

We chose Unitas as we found the Egg forecasting to be excellent and we were also impressed by the company’s willingness to change the product to match our business requirements. The customer service we receive is second to none.

Having a platform that our team and producers can contribute to has been a game changer! We have better visibility to our performance and can plan for the future with ease. The Unitas support crew is a joy to work with and respond quickly to any issues or requests. The ability to have Poultry Manager tailored has been invaluable and the Unitas crew skills to do this have been fantastic.

Poultry Manager is a valuable part of our flock management system. Having audit tools, performance metrics, farm payments, and egg forecasting all in one central platform gives us easy access to data when we need it, where we need it.

I know I speak for the team here, we truly appreciate all of the hard work that Unitas has put in to get the solution up and running. I cannot imagine how much work this is but there’s a reason we picked Unitas – among those reasons is because you have demonstrated, and continue to demonstrate, a commitment to doing the right thing! Thanks for all the work so far.

I love the flexibility of this system, there is nothing that can’t be done. With their knowledge of the egg industry the Unitas team are very quick to understand the issues brought to them and come up with efficient and clear solutions. A very friendly team who are always ready for the next challenge. The farm app gives farms the option to trend their KPI’s against breed standards to help them maximise on farm efficiency.

I’m the managing director of the company so for me the best feature is the automated email reports we receive. I receive exception reports daily and every week I get an email with an on farm production report and also a class B egg report. The class B egg report shows me every farm with a breakdown of the seconds.

The team are really engaged and our newest staff members are progressing far quicker than historical training records imply. This is a real positive change that will transform the department.

Without doubt the integration with our grading system and feed uploads makes life a lot easier with little or no manual inputting of gradings and feed. The Unitas team has always provided a solution for anything we have asked for.

The Unitas farm payment solution has transformed the business we can now instantly see both feed and egg balance against each of our farm accounts. This allowed for a member of our staff who wanted to go part time to do so.

The dashboard is excellent and gives us the ability to see the ‘real’ picture of the program vs actuals. Really great work – thank you for all these little surprises!